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Directed by

Jean-François Delassus


Jean-Michel Gaillard & Stéphane Khémis

Directed by

Cie des phares et balises & France3


Canal + DA

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J. Edgar Hoover or the most bent cop in America


´The man who created and directed the FBI for 50 years, J. Edgar Hoover, the man who preached virtue and gave lessons in morality to all America, starting with its presidents, was a corrupt being, a tyrant, a blackmailer, a racist and an outlaw. On hearing of his death, Nixon exclaimed: ´That old cocksucker!´. He proclaimed that Hoover was his friend and gave him a national funeral. In fact, he dreamed of firing him. He did not dare. When he became president, John F. Kennedy had sworn to rid America of this ´son of a bitch´ who made the political world in Washington tremble with fear thanks to his secret files and blackmail. He did not do so. Hoover had spied on Kennedy and knew the ins-and-outs of his exuberant sex life. What power did this man thus have, who started out as just another civil servant? How did he manage to share his reign with the seven Presidents he served, while still making them fear him? Where did the immense popularity come from for this man who was described even by his enemies as the incarnation of the American dream? J. Edgar Hoover was the mentor of a puritan America, and was anti-communist to the point of intolerance, and racist to the point of nightmare. In the style of a thriller, this film tells the story of the life and work of a man who was a self-styled genius of good, and who, seeing evil all around, demonized America, becoming its genius of evil. Today, it is a sworn statement: ´Another Hoover & Never again!´